First hiking in 2016

March 21, 2016

Hiking season is coming. And our first choice is Wallace Falls State Park. It’s 7.4km back and forth and not hardcore. I could handle it absolutely. The view is great, but it got a little crowded last Saturday. It is understandable, as it has been raining and raining these several months. People have waited for a very long time for the day!



The forest is refreshing, with very little amount of green moss. Trees are well-spaced, straight and tall. LOVE it!


We brought our calor gas stove and cooked some noodles. We felt good to cook and eat hot food in the woods, though we forgot our forks and chopsticks. Next time, I will double check!


I met a snake when we came down. It was yellow-green in the middle and black in both sides. I almost step on it, when my husband saw it and noticed me suddenly. As I didn’t see it at first, I got frozen and screamed with fear. Then it sped up and ran into bushes quickly. It was  small, but poisonous I think. However, it must be much more scared than I am, as I am a giant to it for certain.

In the same way, am I a giant to my cancer? Maybe I am. Maybe the cancer cells are more afraid than I am. We are the strong ones against the cancer. There is no reason to be afraid.

Looking forward to the next trip. Hope the rainy day would go away!


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